Welcome to the Freifunk Library Documentation!

The Freifunk Library contains a number of modules to check, maintainin and manipulate informations and data from the Freifunk Network. The library could be easiely used to build fast scripts for maintenance purpose, UIs and APIs.


Be aware! If you save logs from certain modules, you will run into a massive privacy issue. Some of the modules are using trace back algorithms to fix problems.

Main Features

  • Getting whole Informations used for Meshviewer in a single object.
  • Getting all reachable IPv6 addresses from the Freifunk network.

Planed Projects

  • GUI to configure nodes directly via passwordless, keybased SSHv2 Connection.
  • GUI with a WiFi-Scanlist from the node with the BSSID, SSID, frequency and signal strength.

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